ARC Component Manufacturing Windows and Doors.

The High-end uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacture in Thailand, Pattaya, Chonburi, Bangkok, Hua Hin

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Common doors Systems


Casment%20Door Casement Door with Fix Light

  • Residential door system with 70 mm basic installation depth
  • Optimal stability provided by large-scale metal reinforcements with integrated corner weld joints
  • Deep glazing area allowing the use of all standard commercially available door panels for greater creative freedom
  • Double continuous seals down to the floor prevent draughts and reduce heat loss
  • Thermally separated threshold guarantees perfect insulation even in the lower connection area
  • Classic design with elegantly rounded edges
  • Concealed attachment and exchangeable cover profile ensure an attractive appearance
  • Aluminum weather board guides away driving rain
  • Ideal in combination with SOFTLINE 70 window systems

Sliding Doors

French Sliding Doors

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Sound Proofing

The design of ARC Windows are multi-chambered profile with tight seal are the best windows in noise separation. An average sound separation of 25 - 30 dB in double-glazing.

Weather Resistance

Highly weather resistant quality is achieved by anti-ultraviolet and high impact resistant formulation. It can withstand long exposure in extreme weather change under scorching sun, storms, dryness, high humidity.

Maintenance Free

Its closed, smooth surface means that it is extremely easy to clean using gentle household detergent dissolved in water. This also means that the product is virtually dirt resistant because there are no pores, which can be filled with dirt.

Long Life

Thanks to modern technology, our windows and doors will practically last forever. For this reason, they are an excellent investment for your home as they do not involve any future maintenance costs.

Environmental Friendly

The extrusive process of u-PVC Doors & Windows profiles is relatively energy efficient, compared to other materials. Another benefit: where PVC has been specified as an alternative to wood, the rate of forests is slowed. u-PVC Doors & Windows systems are environmentally friendly as they can be fully recycled and reused for the production of PVC profiles.