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The High-end uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacture in Thailand, Pattaya, Chonburi, Bangkok, Hua Hin

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We ARC Component Manufacturing Windows and Doors are Thailand's leading high-end uPVC windows and doors specialist.

We are one of the few exclusive agent in Thailand for VEKA uPVC windows and door systems and we have a full suite of support and equipment so as to give you absolutely everything you require to fulfill your construction or renovation project.

We are Thailand's BIGGEST uPVC Windows & Doors production ARC Windows Doors Factory facility and also the largest supplier of VEKA uPVC profile systems in Thailand. All our core products and materials are imported and put together here in our new state-of-the-art factory in Banglamung Chonburi.

Many years of experience and quality, and good organization of our team, ARC Windows Doors Factory bring new successes for the company, resulting in successfully entering Thailand's high-end window and door market.

Windows and doors play a vital role in heat insulation of the house. This helps in conserving energy. Aluminium and wood windows with single glazing are poor insulators. One can save up to 50% of energy by replacing them with state-of-the art VEKA uPVC windows. uPVC windows, with high technological standards and inherent properties, offer superior insulation values. VEKA uPVC profiles have multi chambers technology. VEKA windows and doors keep air-conditioned cool air inside.

Tilt and Turn Window

There are days when you want to spend some quality time at home or have an important meeting in office, but the noise from outside promises to ruin your plans. If "Noise" is the main reason you are looking to purchase windows, Casement products by windows is the best possible solution. Within, casement range of products, tilt and turn is what we would recommend for the best results. VEKA windows made of uPVC profiles have innately good sound isolation properties. They are more effective against noise insulation especially in case due to use of special glass.

All our Veka products come with a 10 year operational & workmanship guarantee!

By the way....

Our products help you save energy, raise the security levels inside your building and provide you the highest levels of living comfort. Heat, sound and unpleasant odors stay on the other side of our systems, and they help protect you from the bugs, insects and wildlife.

A big advantage of choosing A.R.C. is that our uPVC uPVC Window Cross-Section windows and doors are maintenance free & do not need painting & polishing therefore reducing the cost one has to incur over a period of time.

Our windows and doors do not need any maintenance as they do not warp unlike wooden windows which expand and contract in rainy seasons need regular repair & maintenance.

In long term our uPVC Doors and Windows are energy saving windows uPVC Sliding Door Cross-Section and can save up to 30 -- 35 % on your electricity bills, almost returning back the initial investment made on them & hence making it free of cost during their lifetime.

Eco Friendliness

We works with eco-friendly strategies from production through to recycling of discarded windows. Particularly complex production not only feel the need, but also have a great opportunity to minimize damage to the environment throughout the work process.

uPVC Dark Oak Window Cross-Section