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The VEKA Profile System

uPVC Corner Sample 'VEKA' has been producing vinyl extrusions for uPVC windows and doors for years, and they continues to develop new products, so you can be sure we provide only the best quality to our customer.

uPVC (Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is the main ingredient in VEKA's compound. This mixture results from a combination of natural gas and rock salt.

In it's pure state, ordinary PVC does not have the qualities associated with VEKA vinyl like durability and weather ability.

uPVC Corner Sample

High quality windows and doors can only be made of high quality materials. ARC chooses VEKA uPVC Profiles and top quality materials mostly from German and European Manufactures for the fabrication of ARC uPVC windows and doors. Ultimately, this difference is passed along to the finished product, installed in homes and offices all over Thailand.

For many years, VEKA products have been the first choice of public and commercial specifiers and architects in some of the biggest and most prestigious projects in the country.

Windows are a particular architectural element. Combine with the outside world and simultaneously protect against it. Therefore, they must be reliable and always perfectly presented both outside and inside.Veka PVC Door

Personal taste, individual requirements, architecture and style of house, technical conditions, atmosphere - are factors that determine the type and manner of implementation of the windows.

To meet these requirements, VEKA window systems offer not only the external effects in the form of attractive design, but also excellent, hidden inside the profile technology: multi-systems of various shapes and excellent insulation properties to reduce electric costs and increase the stability and security.

Optimum sound insulation contributes to a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere at home.

Technical characteristics:

On top of everything else, ARC offers some of the best customer service and technical support in the industry. Service is incredibly important when it comes to home construction projects and it simply does not get any better than what ARC offers.

3 or 5-chamber profile with a basic overall depth of 58 or 70 mm; minimum wall thickness min. >2.5mm (class A+); remarkable elasticity even with extreme temperatures (-500C to +1200C); high quality, modern glazing system, with two or three glazing panels that confer a great overall heat transfer coefficient of 0.9 to 1.3 m2*K/W.
uPVC cross-section

The five chamber system (1,2,3,4,5) is optimal for the insulation.

The reinforcement (3) is one of the most important components in a uPVC Window. We using only the exact from VEKA developed size as otherwise the risk of deformation offer time (especially in large and double glassing windows or doors) would be pre-programmed