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The High-end uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacture in Thailand, Pattaya, Chonburi, Bangkok, Hua Hin

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ARC Component Manufacturing, Partner with A.R.C.Group of Company's, using the world largest uPVC Profile Manufacture 'VEKA' from Germany.

Our VEKA uPVC Profiles are especially developed for the South East Asia tropical climate.

We are also using only Hardware from the best German and European brands in our product.

Therefore we are the leader at Thailand's high-end uPVC Windows & Door Market.

showroom The quality of a product reflects the quality of an entire company. Quality assurance according to German standard covers all company activities, from development and manufacturing to administration and logistics.

No quality based project can succeed unless it begins with the best quality materials. That is why we working with the VEKA Profile Systems. Over 100 million VEKA Window and Doors fitted around the world is a strong recommendation to VEKA's unrivalled leadership in design and manufacture of uPVC Profile Systems.

To ensure ARC Windows and Doors provides the best in quality to each and every customer, all our windows are expertly crafted PVC Window Corner and all our windows and door profiles are steel reinforced as standard which provides additional durability and security. Not only does this enhance the product, it provides additional peace of mind.

The slender sightliness and perfect curves create a superior appearance that can be used in both classical and/or contemporary homes.

Beneath the aesthetic design lies a frame design with superior weather resistance, strength and fantastic heat insulation.

To compliment all our installations and the use of Veka profiles, ARC Windows and Doors chooses to use energy rated glass. Offering an energy loss reduction of up to 35%* -- enough energy to make 3,400 cups of tea -- our energy rated glass sets the benchmark in quality and design.

We offer a variety of glass designs and textures that are just as impressive as the Veka profiles. And ARC provide a unique, full 10 year guarantee on all VEKA products.

VEKA Casement Door VEKA Casement Door

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Being a manufacturer for uPVC Windows and Doors in Thailand, we understand the intricacies of the local conditions and requirements so as to be able to give you the right products, advice and support.

We operate at all regions of Thailand. Especially in Chonburi, Rayong, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai the nord and north east and Phuket.

Dark Oak PVC Window Corner

With ARC Component Manufacturing, you're dealing with the best.

We offer experience and versatility, so you get:

Best of qualities as of German standard factory facility's

German Production / QC Management

German High End Product

GENUINE German Hardware (Roto, Hoppe, GU, Siegenia

Best insulation results

Installation material, highest quality hybrid polymer silicone

High quality VEKA uPVC windows have an expected service life of over 40 years.

Our German standard manufacturing facilities at our new modern factory, enable us to produce components, exactly tailored to your needs.

A range of state of the art machines and the German standardized quality control ensure excellent quality without any compromises. In combination with the experience, specialization and cooperation of our employees, entirely new opportunities to realize your fantasies are created.

Together we will make them happen.

Cross Section of our Sliding Door

Advantage of our Sliding Door